About Us


SHO - Inspired by the Japanese term 'shokunin,' often translated as 'artisan,' our identity transcends conventional labels. In old Japan, diverse shokunin lived in harmony with changing seasons, creating unique, highly appreciated works. We explore the commonalities among these artisans, acknowledging the spirit that goes beyond strict definitions.

The shokunin spirit is a profound expression of SHO's identity, encompassing devotion, diligent effort, precision, and a sense of community. It's not about limiting occupations but embracing the essence. Beyond our commitment to craftsmanship, SHO Eyeworks is dedicated to supporting musicians and artists of all genres. We believe in fostering a community that appreciates and uplifts diverse creative expressions. Our philosophy is more than a brand; it's a journey of Hope (ご希望), realizing the spirit of shokunin in everything around us.

Spirit of SHO